Postcard Inn had the pleasure of showcasing Thierry Mugler’s Retrospective collection this weekend. Presented by Saks 5th Ave., the showing contained select, limited edition fragrances, some  the  remaining 3 or 4 left in the world.  IMG_0816Apparently the perfume bottles, when unopened, can become quite the investment. Boasting Swarovsky Crystal  designs, the bottles are basically works of art in themselves and when up for auction, similar pieces have brought in several thousand dollars a piece. Not a bad ROI, considering many were priced around a hundred bucks.

IMG_0824Promoting Mugler’s “Angel” perfume line, the beautiful Jordan floated around the lobby and Wildwood in a pair of angel wings, handing out the most incredible  white chocolate, made locally in Hyde Park. Make-up sessions for those so inclined and an engraver on hand to customize your purchase. Very cool.