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Around Town: St. Pete Beach Skatepark

January 20, 2011

 Other than a few gaps and loading docks, SPB's small downtown and security guarded parking lots, it doesn't really lind itself to skating so it's actually a relief to have a place to skate without looking over your shoulder. The park is located at the community Center, next to the Police Station ( 7701 Boca Ciega Dr) and features a 4' quarter pipe on the south end, a wedge / 5 set combo in the middle leading into a 4' corner bank, as well as a PVC bench, mini-picnic table and plenty of flat land. No membership or pads required. Snapped deck? Broken kingpin? No problem- Lenny's has you covered and it's less than a block away, and where else can you skate with views like these?   

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