What's Happening At Postcard Inn St Pete Beach

BBQ & Blues in the Park

October 23, 2009

 "I still got the blues, still got my guitar, got a pulled pork sandwich and a PBR" Couldn't have said it better myself! Blues and barbecue just go together. Take a dash of the Charlie Morris band and a big ol' heap of Wildwood BBQ and you're looking at the perfect start to a Friday night.  

And that was the case tonight at Horan Park for those lucky enough to attend the final show in this series of October concerts. The sun turned the sky purple, wood smoke filled the air and Charlie worked his ubiquitous blue Strat on stage. At the Wildwood BBQ tent, Big Lou was breaking a sweat tending the grill and keeping the masses fed, and the response was one of approval. Many were anxious to try "that new place," and get their hands on some of the swag- PCI ball caps, luggage tags and Wildwood meat rub. Putting on a show of his own was Greg "Stick Man" Musille showing off his skills with the, well... sticks. Check him out.

 A huge thanks to the City of St Pete Beach and especially all those who came out for the festivities. We hope you enjoyed the grub, cause there's more where that came from!

Thank You