What's Happening At Postcard Inn St Pete Beach

Be Your Own Thriller This Halloween

October 17, 2016

St. Petersburg knows how to do Halloween, and you’ll never have to spend a day without plans. Throughout the season, you’ll find everything from nightclub parties to family-friendly costume contests to enjoy. While you’re in St. Pete, why not do something distinctly local? This October 24th, join the rest of the Tampa Bay region at Spa Beach Park for a group dance to Michael Jackson’s hit, Thriller. Come dressed as a zombie to really get into the spooky spirit—it’s the only time fake blood will help you fit in. The best part is, money will be raised for the charity CASA (Community Action Stops Abuse). While you can attend the event for free, you can know any money raised goes to a good cause. And when the night is done, you can easily return to the Postcard Inn to change out of your dancing shoes (or if your night isn’t over, reapply your zombie makeup).