What's Happening At Postcard Inn St Pete Beach

Beachwood Update

October 20, 2011

It's been a few months now since we debuted the (then) all-new Beachwood BBQ & Burger menu, this past summer. First off, thank you for all of the great feedback! We've gotten such positive reinforcement on site, at events (like last week's Bluz & BBQ in Tampa), and over the interweb. Thank you, thank you, you like us, you really do! For those of you who haven't tried our classic favorites and original specialties, we hope to see you soon. Beachwood is open daily at 11:30 AM for those of you who like to get a jump on lunch. For evening diners, we're open until 9PM Sunday through Tuesday and until 10PM Wednesday through Saturday. Secondly, it's about time for an update, huh? Who's Hungry? ...We Mean Really Hungry.

 Join us Monday through Friday for our BBQ pit specials. These heaping portions include two sides and are certainly enough to share (but only if you want to). Yessirree, this is BBQ as it was meant to be!

Monday - Classic Combo 1/2 rack of spare ribs and 1/2 smoked chicken with apricot glaze

Tuesday - Three Little Pigs spare ribs, pulled pork, and double cut bacon

Wednesday - Rib Sampler dry 1/2 spare and 1/2 baby back

Thursday - Grand Pit Master 1/2 smoked chicken, 3 baby back ribs, 3 spare ribs, carolina pulled pork, Texas smoked brisket, and double cut bacon

Friday - Best of the Best Texas smoked brisket, carolina pulled pork, and 1/2 smoked chicken

So, what's your new favorite day of the week?

Tres Chic Meets Surfer Cool

We kick off the weekend with a wine tasting, in part with Taste of the NFL, a charitable program benefitting Feeding America. Here's how it goes: You stop by our lobby between 3PM and 5PM on Friday, enjoy a complimentary glass (or two) of wine, and we donate. Yup, every case we go through helps put food on the plates of those who desperately need it. And in case you're feeling a little munchie yourself, we have cheese cubes to pair with our wine varieties. Beachwood BBQ & ...Bourbon!? 

Bourbon lovers convene! That's right. In addition to our BBQ, burgers, and more, we are introducing our very own bourbon. Our bourbon menu is already quite impressive, but this special blend bourbon is the real deal, distilled in Kentucky, and available exclusively here at PCI. If you just can't get enough while you're here, there's no need to fret- Beachwood Bourbon will be sold by the bottle. Just when you thought you'd never find the perfect Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa gift for dad this year- PCI to the rescue! Make it a Beachwood Holiday. 

 There's nothing like a Thanksgiving feast, but let's face it- cooking is hard work. You're in Florida, so let's just say you're on vacation and let Beachwood do all the work! This year, we're offering our 10-12 lb all natural turkey rubbed with our poultry blend and smoked to perfection. If you're looking to feed the family, get our aptly named "Feed the Family" package, which includes the turkey (of course!), apple and sausage stuffing, mashed sweet potato, brussel sprouts with onions and bacon, cranberry marmalade (sooo much better than jelly), giblet gravy, and a whole pie. Still hungry? Impressive. Additions are available by the pound, so why not add on a side of brisket or mac & cheese? Get your order in by November 22nd and it will be ready for pick-up on Thanksgiving Day! 727.367.2711 Between promotions, events, and specials at Beachwood, there's always something new and something delicious.