What's Happening At Postcard Inn St Pete Beach

Casting Call

December 15, 2009

 Tuesday morning, Bealls Department Store with help from Dalton Agency and Heinz Productions reserved our meeting room for their Spring casting call. Models and actors of all ages and agencies showed up for a chance to secure a spot in the upcoming commercials airing from February through May. At first glance, they all look like perfect candidates, so how does one seperate the good from the bad? Adult entrants Eddie and April of Seven Model & Talent gave an eerily realistic performance of some mock window shopping, while younger hopefuls Tyler and Chris Dickenson were asked to emulate flying kites- in which, according to their narration, got stuck on the moon.  Troy Taylor of Benz Model & Talent awaiting his turn amongst the click-clack of compacts and tapping heels, said he was bummed about missing the Grand Opening Party. Filled him in on New Years... Bealls, who has typically aligned their brand with Florida-esque imagery, must have seen something in PCI that struck a chord, as they also made known their hopes in shooting the actual commercial here on the property as well. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Thank You