What's Happening At Postcard Inn St Pete Beach

Employee Spotlight #1

June 03, 2011

Our first ever Employee Spotlight is none other than Dorian Rodrigues! If you've stayed with us before, you've probably already met our favorite Bronx-native at the front desk. His shifts vary from morning and afternoon to the dreaded overnight 11PM-7AM shift (OK, it's not dreaded... if you happen to be a vampire); he's always willing to pick up an extra shift or switch with a team member if asked. So, let's get to know a little more about the awesomeness of Dorian... Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers Favorite Video Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops Favorite Cartoon Character: Bart Simpson Favorite Meal at Wildwood BBQ: Bacon and Cheddar Burger Great Moment Working Here at PCI: "Every day is a good day at PCI." (He's a good kid... Personally,our favorite is when a seagull vomited on Jeremy, the Director of Operations... but that's a story for another day.) Why You Enjoy Wroking Here: "PCI is THE place to be on the weekends!" Something You're Looking Forward To: "The birth of my baby boy." Thanks for all the great responses, Dorian! You help make this a great place for guests and team members alike.

Thank You