What's Happening At Postcard Inn St Pete Beach

Long Live the Swigwam!

September 28, 2009

Buzz on the beach is that PCI is swallowing the Swigwam, razing the place to make way for some sterilized, dime-a-dozen beach bar. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, we're giving the bar several long-overdue upgrades. PCI designer Tara Oxley will swap the carpeted underside of the bar for a corrugated galvanized steel surface, which is, if we do say so, pretty cool-looking and quite a bit more durable than the carpet. The top of the bar is also getting replaced, to Paperstone, an eco-friendly material. These are much needed tweaks: that Swigwam bar top is two Bud bottles shy of collapsing! Around the room, we're adding 6 32" TVs and new ceiling fans. The license plates are staying right where they are; and the dollar bills are being preserved in a frame and will be transported to the PCI lobby - an homage to Swigwam, if you will. More importantly, as for the booze program it too is getting some love. Now, in addition to Bud Light on draft and Heineken and Cornona in the can, you'll be able to get Cold Ass Beer, brewed especially for Wildwood, and Red Stripe, a beer that goes with sun and sand as good as any our beverage director Laura Maniec knows. Here's more: we're swapping out the generic brand tequila in the flavored margaritas for Milagro Resposado (100% agave) and Pina Coladas will now be made with Bacardi. (Your hangover will thank you.) We're also introducing Frozen Tampa Tea, which is our own concoction of Bourbon, Peaches Tea and Lemon. And, for the wine drinkers in the crowd, we hope you don't mind that we're going to switch from Dixie cups to plastic stemless govino glasses. Oh, and lest you think we're jacking prices, beer will set you back $3, frozen drinks $6. Not buying it? Skeptics, you are cordially invited to come check out the new bar after October 15, 2009.