What's Happening At Postcard Inn St Pete Beach

PTEC Year End Lunch

June 02, 2011

Today is the last day of the semester for our PTEC helpers. These amazing students learned a lot around the hotel and assisted us in so many tasks, including laundry, landscaping, food prep, and restaurant set-up. As a "thank you" for their help and all of the great times we've had this semester, we held a BBQ luncheon in our garden courtyard just for them.

Amid discussing how much we would miss them and vice versa, each student singled out their favorite aspect of working alongside us and being here at PCI. Here's what they had to say... James: "Landscaping with David. Definitely not laundry- that was too hot!" David sure has a lot of work ahead of him this summer without his best assistant! Woody: "The trees are very nice [in the garden]. They're a great attraction." It's our favorite place to relax. Dana: "The food!" Lunch is our favorite time of day here, too! Nadya: "All the people who work here. And landscaping, weeding." Nadya's bright smile is reflective of her bright future, as a new PTEC grad! Jackie: "The water view." We think our guests would agree. Sienna: "Walking out on the beach." Sienna will be missing that over the summer, but we know she'll be having a great time in Michigan. Chantel: "The beach and meeting new people." Chantel's outgoing personality and crazy good dance skills made her a lot of new friends! To all of our fantastic student workers, have a wonderful summer. We look forward to seeing you when the next semester starts on August 20th!

Thank You