What's Happening At Postcard Inn St Pete Beach

Tampa Bay Beach Day

September 23, 2010

IMG_4433 From the rooter to the tooter, here are a few shots from last weekend festivities. It was a long, festive day with tons of giveaways, drink specials and killer pulled pork. Huge thanks to Shark and 97x, as well as Bud Light and their ubiquitous Bud Girls. IMG_4399 Dave and Brian, the men behind the pig IMG_4406 Shark from 97X alongside our own Misty, Jillian and Patrick IMG_4426 Introducing Santana and Daniel, courtesy of Budweiser IMG_4483 Go see The Cadillac Bombers IMG_4376 Kendall and Sam from Tampa get their grub on at Wildwood IMG00059-20100918-1454 The amazing human pyramid. Kind of like army ants...

Thank You