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Taste The Town at the St. Pete Wine & Food Festival

October 03, 2016

The best way to experience an area is by diving right into the local food scene, fork first! And although St. Petersburg has a wealth of restaurants, from seafood to Spanish tapas, it’s almost impossible to embrace all the flavors within one short stay. But au contraire! Each year, St. Pete hosts its Wine & Food Festival, where attendees are submersed in everything the charming city has to offer.

Foodies and wine/beer aficionados rejoice! The anticipated event kicks off November 2nd, with a charity wine pairing dinner and continues on through November 6th, 2-16. Featured events include Tacos & Tequila, Beer Night St. Pete and a two-day Grand Tasting party. Wanting only a little taste? Don’t fret. In addition to an all-inclusive package, the event allows guests to purchase individual tickets to each showcase.

Location: 350 Bay Shore Dr. NE, St. Petersburg, FL


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